Questions to Ask Your Concrete Contractor

Questions to Ask Your Concrete Contractor

What questions should you ask a concrete contractor? What should I look for in a concrete company? How do I find a good concrete contractor? If these questions are plaguing your mind, take a deep breath. We have the answers to help guide you! 

Pouring concrete is no small thing, and mistakes will cost you, so you need a professional to get the job done. This is where a concrete contractor comes in. Whether you’re hiring a concrete driveway contractor for small concrete jobs at home or considering a concrete renovator for industrial-level concrete work, knowing which questions to ask is vital.


What Do I Need to Know Before Pouring Concrete?

Here are a few things you need to know before making a concrete decision (get it?):

  • What is a concreter?
  • When do I need a concrete contractor?
  • What are the qualities I should look for in a concrete contractor?
  • Which questions should I ask a concrete contractor before hiring?

Let’s take an in-depth look at each of the points mentioned above.


What is a Concrete Contractor?

A concrete contractor or concrete repair contractor is widely known as a concreter. So, what do concreters do? Concreters are responsible for mixing, laying, spreading, compacting and finishing concrete for building and construction work. They combine cement with other materials such as gravel, sand and water to make the concrete, which they usually reinforce with steel.


What Do Concrete Subcontractors Do?

Concrete subcontractors ensure that the concrete installation meets the project’s exact specifications. These professionals often work under general contractors on larger projects and oversee the most foundational work on a construction site.


When Do You Need a Concrete Contractor?

Whether you’re renovating your driveway or undertaking an industrial construction project, it would be wise to enlist the help of a professional instead of relying on your limited expertise. This will save you time and money.


What Should You Look for in a Concrete Contractor?

There are distinct characteristics to look out for in a concrete contractor. Their character and overall reliability are just as important as their services and the skills they possess to get a job done well.


Exceptional Communication Skills

Communication is the key to success on any building project. To ensure that a satisfactory job is done, you must ensure that your concrete contractor understands precisely what you want and how you want it. 



Let’s face it: experience matters! Experience saves you the hassle of figuring things out as you go along, as a well-worn concreter will know exactly what they’re doing and how to communicate it to you, the client. 


Technical Qualifications

To achieve the most desirable results, technical qualifications may be necessary. Whether these skills have been obtained from an institution or merely from years of experience, you will have to decide whether you feel comfortable with the potential contractor’s level of expertise. 


Legal Licence

Only ever hire a contractor with a legal licence to do business. Contact at least three previous clients to authenticate a potential contractor’s permit. Hiring a fraudulent contractor by accident could open an industrial Pandora’s Box, especially if the project should fail.



A reputable contractor will have access to the appropriate tools and materials for a construction project. Don’t hire someone ill-equipped for the task at hand.


Fair Prices

A fair contractor will not charge you too much or too little for even the smallest of jobs because trustworthy contractors value a job well done. The only way to gauge whether or not a contractor’s prices are too high or too low is to ask for quotes from various contractors to compare. 


So, What Should You Ask Them Before Starting?

After identifying a candidate for your construction project, you must ask the following questions to ensure a satisfactory experience.


1. What Types of Projects Have You Done Before?

Conduct a thorough interview with your chosen candidate to determine whether or not you will work well together. Inquire about previous projects and ask whether they’ve done anything similar in the past.


2. Do You Have a Portfolio Showcasing Previous Work?

A professional concrete contractor should have a portfolio of previous projects. Whether their work can be found on a personalised website or provided to you in an email, it should be easy to request relevant project examples.


3. How Soon Can You Start?

More often than not, a thriving, trustworthy concrete finishing company will have a busy schedule. If you’re expecting a quick turnaround, you’ll want to ensure that your selected contractor can meet your deadline successfully.


4. Can You Give Me an Estimate of How Long My Project Will Take?

A realistic understanding of how long it will take to complete your project is essential when hiring a contractor. The timing of your project may determine whether or not you end up using the contractor’s services, depending on the urgency of the project and how long you’re willing to wait.


5. Will You Need to Get Permits for this Project?

If a concrete contractor lacks knowledge regarding the permitting process required for your project, you might want to consider someone who is better acquainted with all the legalities.


6. Will You Be Managing the Project? Who Will be Assisting You?

Knowing how many people to expect on your property, when they will be on your property and who will be in charge of them is of the utmost importance to ensure your safety and comfort. If your contractor can’t provide a clear answer to this question, they may lack the relevant experience or organisational skills.


7. How Do You Protect Everyone on the Job?

Everyone involved in the project must be trained and experienced in safe work practices. Also, ascertain whether or not they have liability insurance to cover any on-the-job accidents that might occur.


8. Do You Have a Contract for Our Agreement?

A written agreement regarding project responsibilities and expectations is paramount. Should problems arise after or even during the project, you can simply refer back to the signed contract.


9. What are the Terms of Payment?

Payment should be required when the work is complete after the ready mix producer has been paid. Remember to ask the contractor to provide the proof of payment to the ready-mix concrete supplier. This is especially important because if no payment is made to the concrete producer, the concrete producer has the right to put a hold on your property until the price has been paid.


10. Does the Quote Include Removal and Haul Away of Existing Pavement?

Because concrete overlays are a potential option for specific projects, you have to ensure that you and the contractor know the differences in overlays as opposed to total removal and replacement. This process will require the use of concrete cutters, which may be expensive. 


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