Completed by a team of experts with extensive experience in the construction industry, we guarantee fast and efficient core drilling services for all your project requirements at any given worksite.

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Completed by a team of experts with extensive experience in the construction industry, we guarantee fast, efficient and accurate core drilling services for all your project requirements.

All worksites are left clean & tidy ready for the next phase of construction. Thanks to our full range of diamond wall bits, our concrete core drilling services can manage any of your technical requirements.

No concrete is too tough for our core drilling services, as we can even drill through steel-reinforced concrete.


We offer a range of standard core sizes, and other sizes may be available upon request.

Core drilling is generally needed to create openings through existing concrete or brick structures for the following:

  • Plumbing piping
  • Electrical conduits and cables
  • Reinforcements — starter bars, hold down bolts, storage units
  • Home extensions
  • Commercial fit outs

We can drill vertically, horizontally and inverted using electric, hydraulic, vacuum or bolt-down systems.



    • High-performance, light weight, water-cooled motor 3700W
    • Wide speed range together with drilling range of 40 – 400mm diameter
    • Simple to use with keypad and display featuring drill diameter and error analysis
    • Suitable for coring plumbing piping, electrical conduits, stitch drilling air conditioning installations, and corner holes for sawing
Weka_SR38-Drill Motor-orange for core drilling in Western Australia


We'll Choose the Most Suitable Core Drilling Technique

We understand every workspace is different, whether it’s residential housing, confined areas of apartment living, commercial fit-outs/repurposing, or noise-sensitive spaces such as hospitals, healthcare facilities or schools, we employ the most suitable techniques and tools that’s suited to your project.

Using the best core drilling equipment from major brands such as Husqvarna and Stihl, we are capable of drilling holes from 12 – 800mm in diameter to any depth through walls & floors, into any existing concrete, brick and stone structures.

Safety Is our Priority

Operating the latest in Diamond Core Drilling equipment, our qualified and experienced team work to the highest standards of safety to deliver rock-solid results that meets all your project needs.

We continually invest in the latest drill rigs and safety training. We are active members of the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia, and we are committed to providing a safe work environment and delivering nothing short of high-quality workmanship.

Precision, Timeliness, and Accountability

In order to achieve absolute precision, we use the latest in Diamond Core Drilling Technology and GPR Scanning equipment to provide smarter, more precise core drilling & concrete cutting services to meet strict deadlines. 

We make sure you know exactly what lies within your concrete before cutting and drilling. Once the job is done, all work sites are left clean & tidy ready for the next phase of construction, eliminating delays.


  • Receive a Quote within 24 hours
  • Schedule a Booking — within 2-3 days
  • Conduct Safety Evaluation of the risk of the job
  • Online/Onsite inductions as required
  • Begin Core Drilling
  • Wet vacuum used for dust control and disposal of slurry to ensure and worksites left tidy
  • All cores are removed and disposed of at worksite bins
Core drilling in Western Australia - view our process


A site induction is conducted upon arrival before any work is started. A safety evaluation of the risk of the job — site evaluation, first aid kit, ventilation, fans, work heights and relevant tickets — are checked.

With attention to details, we plan and organise every project so that everything runs smoothly, making sure sites are left clean, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Safety does not end with just the operators, it extends to the equipment being used. All equipment is kept in exceptional condition, regularly maintained & repaired, and is thoroughly inspected and tested before being used on site. Our safe practices allow us to recommend the right tool for the job, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

To ensure worksite safety, the concrete to be cut or cored should always be inspected and scanned before drilling begins. With our GPR concrete scanning equipment, we can locate live electrical conduits and structural steel, before we begin cutting. It is the most cost-effective and non-destructive method to ensure you avoid a costly mistake while maintaining worksite safety


Concrete cutting

Give us a call to learn about all of our concrete cutting services. We can tackle any size job in Perth and WA whether it is for residential, commercial and industrial. 

We have cutting edge solutions adapted to any types of situation you might deal with.

Concrete Scanning

Completing GPR scanning before starting any concrete drilling project will keep workers safe and ensure nothing is damaged unintentionally on the work site.

We’ll do structure inspection, depth of cover and slab thickness measurements, support structure mapping and void detection.

Concrete Removal

We can cut and remove the slabs of concrete so you can go ahead with the next step of your project right away.

We can also do some dust control while we’re getting the job done so there is as little disruption as possible on-site.

Are you ready to enquire about our concrete cutting and core drilling services for an upcoming project in Perth?

Give Diamond Cut Concrete a call today at 08 9931 3600.

We’ve been cutting and drilling in Western Australia since 1982, so you can be sure that you’re receiving the best service available. For these services and more, such as concrete drilling, you won’t find a better choice.