Expert Concrete Cutting Services in Perth and WA

We employ specialised concrete cutting & sawing techniques to ensure precision is achieved with every project.

With over 25 years experience, Diamond Cut Concrete offers cutting-edge solutions using the latest in concrete cutting technology for a wide range of applications. From floor sawing to hand sawing, our experienced operators use the best techniques & equipment to deliver optimal results, meeting your timeline and budget.

Safety is our priority

Safety is our priority

Operating the latest in concrete coring and cutting equipment, our qualified and experienced team work to the highest standards of safety to deliver rock-solid results that meet all your project needs.

We continually invest in the latest machinery and safety training. With our active membership with Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia, we are committed to providing a safe work environment and delivering nothing short of high-quality workmanship.

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Over 25 Years Experience

Over 25 Years Experience

With over 25 years in the civil construction industry, Diamond Cut Concrete is able to provide quick, precise and efficient concrete cutting services for all your civil, mechanical and structural needs at a competitive rate.

Whether you’re cutting through concrete slabs to fit out an established building or require core drilling for new air conditioning, you can rely on Diamond Cut Concrete for excellence in service.

We cut straight, we cut safe and we cut on time, that’s our guarantee.

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Timeliness and accountability

Timeliness and accountability

In order to achieve absolute precision, we use the latest in Diamond Core Drilling Technology and GPR Scanning equipment to provide smarter, more precise core drilling & concrete cutting services to meet strict deadlines.

We make sure you know exactly what lies within your concrete before cutting and drilling, so you can move forwards on your project with complete confidence. Once the job is done, all work sites are left clean & tidy ready for the next phase of construction, eliminating delays.

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Concrete Cutting Services

How our services can help you achieve your project outcomes on demanding deadlines and on budget

With over 25 years experience in the construction industry, Diamond Cut Concrete is able to recommend the best method and machinery to deliver quick and cost-effective concrete cutting and removal services to a high standard.

Our team of experienced operators use the latest in diamond impregnated cutting technology to effectively cut, alter and remove concrete, brick, steel or asphalt across a wide range of applications.

Early Entry Cutting / Soffcut Sawing

Also known as soffcut, is a technique employed to reduce random cracking of the slab caused by internal stresses as the concrete begins to set, and is one of the best solutions in preventing random cracks.

It involves cutting construction joints within two hours (Green Zone) of the slab finishing and works as a preventative measure to protect the concrete from unplanned cracks to achieve a straight-cut finish.

The whole process is relatively clean and hassle-free, as it does not require access to on-site water. This means no slurry cleanup or stains left behind, allowing you to prepare your site for the next phase of construction with minimal downtime.

Attempting to make expansion joint cuts outside of the green zone using water-cooled floorsaws can lead to slurry stains and collection costs, chipping and spalling.

Our highly trained operators use state-of-the-art equipment to make efficient cuts in the Green Zone to effectively minimise the risk of random cracking, so you receive a pristine finish.

We offer from 30mm to 100mm early entry concrete cutting.

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Floor & Road Sawing

Diamond Cut Concrete has worked on many projects in Perth, with over 25 years of experience in floor sawing and road sawing. Our extensive experience and knowledge allows us to identify the correct techniques and equipment needed for a fast, efficient and cost-effective concrete sawing solution.

Floor sawing, often referred to as Road Sawing, is essential when cutting horizontal concrete surfaces such as runways, bridge surfaces, car parks, and roads. It is the quickest and most effective method to cut construction joints, as well as communication and plumbing trenches in freshly poured or existing concrete slab.

Floor sawing may also be needed when demolishing and removing suspended concrete slabs, and making long cuts in asphalt roads.

We offer a wide range of floor sawing services suited for all applications and projects, including petrol, diesel and 3-phase electrical machines capable of cutting up to 500mm in depth.

Our operators are on hand and ready-to-go. We are available for all your concrete cutting needs and ensure the exact specifications, shape and dimensions are met on all your projects.

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Concrete Hand Sawing

Concrete hand sawing is an ideal method for cutting through concrete slabs, brickwork, block, concrete pipes and concrete walls, to a depth of 270mm. For example, if you’re repurposing a commercial fit-out, the chances are you’re going to need a concrete hand saw.

At Diamond Cut Concrete, we are capable of providing a wide range of hand sawing services to meet your exact specifications on any project. Specialising in concrete cutting, we employ portable and highly versatile electric, petrol and hydraulic hand saws capable of cutting up to 270mm deep.

Our experienced technicians help you achieve absolute-precision with every cut.

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Ring sawing

At Diamond Cut Concrete, we use the latest in diamond blade technology which allows us to cut through brickwork, concrete and road surfaces with absolute precision.

Ring sawing is a hand held machine, commonly employed when the concrete is too deep for standard handsaws. It is a used cut through reinforced concrete and brickwork with a maximum depth of 280mm.

With access to a wide range of electric, petrol and hydraulic powered ring saws, our highly trained operators are able to provide the versatility, accessibility and speed necessary to complete projects on time.

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Wire sawing

Diamond wire sawing is an effective concrete cutting method that is ideal for removing large heavily reinforced, thick sections of concrete. This can include bridge sections, car parks and other situations where other cutting methods are impractical.

The wire saw uses a continuous steel cable with diamond impregnated beads spaced 10mm to 30mm apart which runs through a system of pulleys at high speeds. It is especially effective at cutting large concrete masses fast and effectively, avoiding overcutting.

To improve accuracy, holes are drilled to place the wire saw precisely where it needs to start the cut. Huge masses of concrete containing reinforced steel and stone can be removed with a wire saw so long as you can circumnavigate the piece to be cut.

Wire sawing is a cost-effective alternative to traditional demolition methods and is relatively clean, fumeless and quiet, with little to no vibrations, making it suitable for all work environments.

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Wall Sawing

Diamond Cut Concrete wall sawing services is one of the most effective methods for making precise cuts to deep concrete structures.

Our track-mounted saws are equipped with specialised diamond cutting technology, which allows us to cut concrete up to 540mm in depth. The track can be mounted onto vertical walls, plinths and floors.

Our machinery is electric and hydraulically operated and is one of the safest methods of wall sawing, suitable for locations where hand held equipment would not be practical.

When it comes to precision, we are Perth’s most trusted concrete cutter. We use only the highest standards of quality tools and machinery to achieve pinpoint accuracy with every cut.

With over 25 years industry experience, our expertise ensures you receive the most cost-effective solution that’s suited to your projects budget and timeline.

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Cutting in thick walls and openings with precise corners
Wire sawing for larger jobs such as bridges and foundations
Deep wire sawing for confined spaces

Electronic tracking system allows for straighter, faster cuts
Ideal for road repair and service work
Automatic depth stop. Adjustable for all blade diameters.

Wet and dry cutting with excellent dust control, less slurry and low water consumption
Cuts close to walls and ground for a precise finish
Increased power-to-weight ratio and easy to operate

Superior cutting depth of 270mm
Capable of cutting wet and dry
Easier operation and efficient dust management

Powerful electric cutter for deep cutting indoors and outdoors
Wet cutting with easily adjustable water flow
Cutting depths of 270mm

Powerful electric cutter perfect for indoor use and sensitive environments
3-1phase high power output
Ergonomic design minimise operator fatigue

Ergonomic design for ease of use
Powerful hand saw used to cut concrete walls and masonry up to 165mm deep
Powerful, lightweight and compact

Easy assembly/disassembly/adjustment of saw blade saves time
Powerful 3-phase output (6500W) cut through walls with normal thickness from one side
Superior cutting depth of up to 300mm

Sturdy and reliable
Cutting grooves for expansion joints and crack repair
Digital ignition system easier to start




Simply fill out the form with your details and receive a quote within 24 hours.



Once the job is confirmed, we’ll schedule in a time for the job to be complete within 2-3 days.



We’ll conduct a safety evaluation before any work begins to ensure we employ the right equipment for the job. GPR scans are conducted if necessary.



After a site safety evaluation, we’ll begin work in a quick and efficient manner to get the job done on time and on budget.



We use the relevant equipment and machinery required to keep your worksite safe, clean and tidy and ready for the next phase of construction.

We Practice Safety From The Get Go

We Practice Safety From The Get Go

We are a leader in Occupational Health and Safety Training and strive to keep our workers and work site safe.

A site induction is conducted upon arrival before any work is started. A safety evaluation of the risk of the job — site evaluation, first aid kit, ventilation, fans, work heights and relevant tickets — are checked.

With an attention to detail, we plan and organise every project so that everything runs smoothly, making sure wet vacs are setup and sites left clean to effectively reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

We Invest In Safe Equipment

We Invest In Safe Equipment

A code of practice doesn’t end with just the operators, it extends to the equipment being used. All equipment is kept in exceptional condition, regularly maintained & repaired, and is thoroughly inspected and tested before being used on site. Our safe practices allows us to recommend the right tool for the job, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Better To GPR Scan Than Be Sorry

Better To GPR Scan Than Be Sorry

To ensure worksite safety, the structure and concrete to be cut or cored should always be inspected and scanned before drilling begins. With GPR concrete scanning, we can locate electrical conduits, structural steel, HVAC, cabling, plumbing and refrigerant pipes before we begin cutting. It is the most-cost effective and non-destructive method to ensure you avoid a costly mistake while maintaining worksite safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

A diamond saw blade has diamonds fixed on its edges and is used for cutting concrete slab, stone, asphalt, brickwork, and reinforced steel in the construction & demolition industry.

A diamond blade is designed for cutting hard or abrasive materials, where conventional blades are of no use. Using the highest quality saws available, we are capable of cutting through asphalt, stone, brickwork, concrete slab, reinforced steel or any other tough material your project requires.

The depths we can cut depends on the application and the type of equipment being used. Cuts can be made anywhere from 30mm using handsaws to 2000mm or more using stitch drilling or wire sawing.

The price will vary depending on the depth of cut, on the application and the type of equipment being used. Please contact us to get a quote that meets your requirements.

Our operators keep the work site clean throughout the day, improving the safety of the work environment and minimising the time needed to clean a ‘larger mess’ at the end of the day.
We offer debris takedown, take up and off-site disposal.

Depending on the application, we use wet cutting and drilling to bind dust to a water source and collect slurry into a wet vac.


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