How To Select The Best Concrete Cutting Technique For Your Upcoming Project

How To Select The Best Concrete Cutting Technique For Your Upcoming Project

Concrete cutting is tough. If you are not equipped with the best tools for the job, your project is bound to fail. You need a concrete specific cutter. But which one? There are several different methods of concrete cutting that each have their own strengths, weaknesses and applications. In this blog, we will discuss advanced concrete sawing and drilling, as well as which concrete cutting saws cut what material.


What is Concrete Cutting and Sawing Used For?

Concrete cutting and sawing is used for a range of different applications. Whether it be for demolishing, modifying, or building, having a method that can cut concrete safely, cheaply and efficiently is a valuable asset. Concrete cutting and diamond concrete sawing is used for: 

  • Demolition sights
  • Dismantling steel structures such as mining sights and equipment. 
  • Cutting reinforced concrete structures such as factory floors, jetties, dams, bridges, beams, and columns
  • Angular cuts on vertical and horizontal structures
  • Precision cuts in hard to get to areas
  • Cut through heavy reinforced rebar and embedded steel
  • To cut circular openings
  • Cutting subsea pipelines, conductors and other structures that may be under water.
  • Installing control and expansion joints to ensure concrete structures do not suffer large cracks. 


What Are The Different Types of Concrete Saws?

There are a few different types of concrete sawing tools with each serving a different purpose. Here are a few:


Concrete wire sawing 

Concrete wire sawing is a technique where a wire laced with diamond beads is run through a hydraulic or electric powered pulley system and against a structure. By running the wire at speed against a structure, a great deal of friction is made and the wire is able to cut. In a structure, a core hole is drilled and the high tensile steel wire is threaded through and pulled to make the cut. Wire sawing concrete cuts:

  • Concrete
  • Reinforced concrete 
  • Steel
  • Brick
  • Granite
  • Srone


Strengths of wire cutting 

Wire cutting is very adaptable to cut on almost any angle and position. It can also cut through just about anything, thanks to the integrated diamond in the wire. 

Wire cutting is also somewhat quiet, vibrationless and fumeless, which makes it perfect for sensitive areas like schools and hospitals.


Weaknesses of wire cutting 

Wire cutting has a high concrete sawing cost. This is probably no surprise since the wire is made from diamond and can cut through almost anything at any angle.

Additionally, wire cutters are not made to last and can break often, which can further increase the cost. They last about six cuts before the wires either break or functionally are worn out, as the diamond grit becomes useless. When they break, they take a significant amount of time to replace as well. 

The wires when they snap, if not set up correctly, may also pose a safety risk. If a   wire laced with diamond snaps under tension and makes contact with a person, the result will not be pretty. 


Diamond chainsaws 

Diamond chainsaws for concrete are just like any regular chainsaw you might use for wood and trees but have the added feature of having diamond laser welded to the blade. The chainsaw has a power head, guide bar, and chain, which is driven by a sprocket from the power head around the guide bar. They are great for cutting

  • Walls
  • Bricks
  • Concrete pipes
  • Floors


Strengths of diamond chainsaws 

Diamond chainsaws are designed to be used nose first, which means, it can cut up to twice as deep as regular 14-inch circular blades, and go as deep as 25 inches! Because of their precision, diamond chainsaws can also be cut as shallow as just four inches.

The diamond chainsaw, because of its versatility to cut shallow and deep, means it is useful for creating peculiarly shaped cuts in the concrete. 


Weaknesses of diamond chainsaws 

Diamond chainsaws might be more difficult to cut straight lines at length when compared to other saws. This means the diamond chainsaw is usually reserved for smaller, peculiar cuts.

Diamond chainsaws are also, despite being able to cut deeper than a circular saw, can only cut deep enough for small projects. For example, when cutting through a large structure like dismantling a bridge, a diamond chainsaw will never have the same efficiency as a wire saw. 


Gas-powered walk-behind concrete saws 

This kind of concrete saw is larger and heavier and you operate it by walking behind and guiding it. They have a circular blade and have high horsepower which slices through concrete. They are used to cut: 

  • Concrete floors
  • Concrete wall sawing
  • Pipes
  • Beams 
  • Heavy-duty concrete 


Strengths of gas-powered walk-behind concrete saws 

This kind of saw is the perfect middle ground between the “cut through anything” wire saw and the versatile diamond chainsaw. Gas-powered walk-behind concrete saws have high horsepower and can cut through thick concrete very fast.

This kind of concrete cutting tool is also very durable and will last a long time. The walk-behind concrete saw is perfect for tradesmen and home renovators.


Weaknesses of gas-powered walk-behind concrete saws

This method of cutting concrete is a dry, high horsepower cutting technique, and as such, cannot be used inside. This is because of three reasons; it’s loud, it creates fumes, and it needs proper ventilation for concrete silica dust.


Can Anyone Cut Your Concrete For You?

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