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Safety, Quality, Precision
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We are a leader in Occupational Health and Safety Training and strive to keep our workers and work site safe.

High Standards Start With A Commitment To Safety

Highly Trained Operators

We ensure all of our operators meet the training standards of Australia’s most experienced group of professionals, the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia to keep our workers and work site safe.


We Practice Safety From The Get-Go

A site induction is conducted upon arrival before any work is started. A safety evaluation of the risk of the job — site evaluation, first aid kit, ventilation, fans, work heights and relevant tickets — is conducted.
With attention to detail, we plan and organise every project so that everything runs smoothly, making sure wet vacs are setup and sites left clean to effectively reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.


We Invest In Safe Equipment

A code of practice doesn’t end with just the operators, it extends to the equipment being used. All equipment is kept in exceptional condition, regularly maintained & repaired, and is thoroughly inspected and tested before being used on site. Our safe practices allow us to recommend the right tool for the job, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.


Safety Scanning

To ensure worksite safety, the structure and concrete should always be inspected before drilling begins. With GPR concrete scanning, we can locate electrical conduits, structural steel, HVAC, cabling, plumbing and refrigerant pipes before we begin cutting. It is the most cost-effective and non-destructive method to ensure you avoid a costly mistake while maintaining worksite safety.

The Diamond Cut Advantage

Reduce downtime, all work sites left clean & tidy ready for the next construction phase

Reduced noise, dust and debris - all cut concrete removed and disposed off

Provide significant cost advantages by using the right equipment and technique

Maintain structural integrity

Improving accuracy, precision with every cut

Most importantly - committed to upholding safety to the highest of standards with every project, large or small

Processes on Site


Receive a quote within 24 hours


Job confirmation


Schedule a booking within 2-3 days


Online/Onsite inductions


Safety evaluation of the risk of the job - site evaluation, first aid kit, ventilation, fans, work above 3m can use remote control machinery


Services and scan locations need to check, excavation


For permit - GPR scan report


Cut or drill


Work site left tidy — wet vac to vacuum up the slurry, client may require to provide slurry bins

Our Guarantee

We Cut Straight

We Cut Safe

We Cut on Time

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