Core Drilling in Sensitive Environment — Hospital
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COMMERCIAL PROJECTS — Core Drilling in Sensitive Environment.

Core Drilling required to create holes through thick concrete slab for cabling to install new cancer treatment machines in a hospital.

The Problem

Balance Commercial Fit Out was in the process of installing new machines for the treatment of cancer and needed holes drilled to exact dimensions through thick concrete slab for cabling.
There are very strict Australian Standards and Regulations to adhere to when it comes to operating core drilling machinery in a hospital environment. It is imperative that there is zero disruption to staff and patients, with minimal vibrations and noise, dust control and disposal of slurry.

The Solution

Immediately, jack hammers and saws were a no-go because of their heavy vibrations, noise and lack of dust control. Instead, we decided to stitch drill floor chases and floor boxes.

We drilled down using a 100mm drill bit, once we hit 120mm we would remove the debris and continue until the specific dimensions were reached.
A vacuum was connected for dust control and to remove concrete slurry while coring, and disposing it off site.


The Outcome

We successfully created the floor chases and floor boxes to the required dimensions (100mm wide by 1500mm long / 100mm wide by 3000mm long all at 180mm deep in a 1.2m thick concrete slab) in 2 night shifts with minimal disruption to hospital operations, staff and patients.
Worksite was left clean & tidy, with all slurry disposed of.

example of concrete in commercial fit out