The Ins and Outs of Concrete Grinding

The Ins and Outs of Concrete Grinding

When it comes to concrete grinding, you may have a couple of questions, like:

  • What is the best way to grind concrete?
  • How much does concrete grinding remove?
  • Do you need to seal concrete after grinding?

Since everyone seems to be hopping on the concrete grinding trend, we’ve decided to go into the nitty-gritties of concrete grinding in this detailed article to empower you to breathe new life into your old concrete floors.


What Is Concrete Grinding?

A concrete grind and seal is a stylish and affordable way to make old concrete seem new. Over time, concrete floors become scratched, and the finish wears off, impacting the floor’s smooth surface. Because the concrete further down might still be of good quality, grinding concrete is the best way to improve the appearance of your concrete floor. The concrete grind and seal procedure removes the damaged top layer of a concrete floor, leaving a brand new surface at a highly affordable price.


Wet Concrete Grinding

Wet concrete grinding uses water to cool down the diamond tooling and to provide lubrication to reduce friction. Thus, wet concrete grinding extends the life of your tooling. Furthermore, water reduces the dust particles inhaled by the operator, which can be toxic. 


Dry Concrete Grinding

Dry concrete grinding is more environment-friendly since it filters and collects dust particles and does not leave a slurry mess. It also gives a far better shine compared to wet concrete grinding.


What Is It Used For?

For what purpose can you use concrete grinding?


To Restore Concrete Surfaces

Use concrete grinding to remove all imperfections and inconsistencies in your concrete floor to gain a smooth and usable surface. Restore old and worn concrete slabs to their former glory.


To Remove Paint, Epoxies and Dirt

Concrete grinding removes paint, epoxies, dirt and other remnants from concrete floors. The grinder rubs against the top layer of the floor, leaving nothing behind but a smooth, good-as-new surface.


To Install Other Flooring Options Easily

Concrete grinding can be seen as a floor preparation when you’re looking to install flooring options such as carpets or tiles. 


The Benefits of Concrete Grinding

Concrete grinding, like any other construction process, has various advantages. Here, we’ve listed the top benefits of concrete grinding to empower you to make informed decisions.


1. Affordability

Concrete grinding is a cost-effective flooring option which boasts extreme versatility. Since the process is pretty straightforward, it also saves time compared to other flooring alternatives.


2. Safety

Concrete grinding can turn a rough, damaged surface into a smooth, hardened floor, safe for you to walk on without any risk of injury. Furthermore, concrete grinding can also make for a quieter and more skid-resistant surface for your driveway.


3. Preparation 

Before installing wooden or tile floors, concrete grinding can help even out the surface of your floor, preventing the need for constant repairs due to unevenness.


4. Versatility

Concrete grinding removes old oil stains easily and can be customised to leave a predetermined amount of texture, depending on your preference. 


5. Environmentally-Friendly

Concrete grinding produces less pollution and waste than other flooring options. It uses fewer raw materials and no harmful chemicals and is a more sustainable option.


How to Grind Concrete

Is grinding concrete difficult? Well, it’s impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Lucky for you, we’ve taken the liberty to break the process down. Basically, concrete grinding involves moving an abrasive disk or drum over a concrete surface and water fed down at high pressure, which acts as a coolant and lubricant.

The key to successfully grinding a concrete floor is knowing what kind of machine you’ll need, how it works, and how to prepare appropriately.



  • Because concrete may be stained from years of use, surface preparation is essential to the grinding process. Add a coat of commercial concrete or epoxy coating to seal and protect the concrete before grinding begins. These coatings are available in many colours to suit every taste and fancy.
  • Clean your floor before grinding using a high-pressure wash with nozzles designed to remove embedded grime. 
  • If you want to protect your floor from future damage, it’s best to clean significant scratches, cracks or holes and fill them with epoxy fillers.
  • Use a sanding machine with a water hookup that sprays down at high pressure upon the concrete surface to prepare your floor for concrete grinding. 
  • Use a wire brush to remove jagged pieces of aggregate to prevent the disk from gliding over other materials that aren’t part of the concrete’s surface. This will protect your machinery. 
  • For concrete sanding, grinding, and sealing, you’ll need the appropriate tools, including a handheld concrete grinder.


Concrete Grinding Tips

  • Ensure you use the correct diamond tooling with the appropriate bond hardness for the floor you’re grinding. 
  • Add some sand onto the slab before grinding to combat any leftover sticky residue on the surface. The extra grit will help open the diamond segments on your grinder, acting as an additional abrasive. 
  • If you use a multi-directional concrete grinder, reverse the heads’ spinning direction from time to time to re-open your diamond tooling. This will prevent scratches and inconsistent wear patterns.
  • Pre-soaking the concrete slab will help maintain a lower surface temperature of the concrete and machinery. This will keep the diamond tools working effectively, especially when it’s hot outside. 
  • To begin, leave your dust collector on a lower power setting so the dust can build up a little under the machine. This will allow some of the particles to help open your diamond tooling.
  • Using other equipment along with your concrete grinder can be very useful in some tough grinding jobs. 


Who Can Help?

From concrete grinding, polishing and cutting to concrete levelling and concrete removal, Diamond Cut Concrete offers everything you need. Grind and seal concrete quickly! Whether you’re looking for a concrete floor grinder or a concrete grinding wheel, we guarantee you’ll find what you need in our supply. Contact us today for help!

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