How Much Does It Cost To Cut Concrete Properly?

How Much Does It Cost To Cut Concrete Properly?

So, you’ve got a big concrete project coming up and you’re trying to work out a budget. You are probably already aware that you have to ask questions like “how much does concrete cost”, to lay the new foundations of your new project. But don’t forget that concrete cutting and removal has a cost of its own.

How much does concrete cutting cost? And how much does concrete removal cost? You need to make sure you have a good idea of the average cost so you don’t end up getting stung by dodgy dealers and rip-off merchants.

There are a number of factors that will affect your concrete cutting price such as thickness and material. You need to know what the Western Australian average costs are, otherwise you may receive an unfair price. Here is everything you need to know about concrete cutting costs and removals.


When Do You Need Concrete Cutting?

Let me guess, “You need concrete cutting when you need to cut concrete”. Thank you for that. Yes, believe it or not, however, it isn’t as simple as you might think. Obviously, you need concrete cutting when you need to cut concrete, but when do you need to cut concrete? There are 3 main reasons: 

  • You need to neatly remove a segment of concrete, because the rest of the structure is workable. 
  • You need to cut concrete expansion joints to prevent the structure from cracking. 
  • You want to cut concrete into bite-sized pieces that will make it easier to work with or remove. 

Are you needing any of these jobs done on your project? Don’t try it yourself, putting your wallet, yourself, and your workers at risk. Make sure you hire a trusted professional to get it done safely and smoothly. 


What Factors Affect The Cost Of Concrete Cutting? 

When sawing concrete for your project, there are a few factors you need to be aware of that will affect how much it costs to cut through the concrete. These factors are as follows: 


The Depth Of The Concrete

Probably no surprise, and probably the most significant factor to affect the cost of concrete sawing/cutting. The depth of the concrete is one of the ways concrete professionals evaluate their cutting prices. The thicker the concrete, the more it will cost because a heavier duty tool will be needed to cut it. 


Length Of The Concrete Cut

Another obvious one, the longer the cut, the more expensive. This is the other factor on a concrete professionals pricing page that will be glaringly obvious. 


Concrete Type

Whether you have exposed aggregate concrete or plain concrete, the more resilient the surface is, the harder and longer the tools will have to work to cut it. The longer the tools have to work, the more wear they undergo and therefore the cut will cost more. 


The Surface Type 

Different surfaces (walls, curbs, floors, ceilings, beams etc) make it harder/more awkward to cut. The difficult cuts will cost more. 


The Different Concrete Tools Used 

Different heavy duty tools require more human-power, and more specialised operators. The requirements to operate a wire saw, compared to a small handheld circular saw, are wildly different. The different tools will be selected based on the depth, surface, concrete type, precision, and length of the cut.


The Contractor You Use 

The different contractors/concrete professionals you use, will have different costs. There are some out there that will be cheap, but do a horrible job, and there are even some that will be very expensive and do a worse job! You need to make sure you hire a competent, fair-valued concrete expert. 


How Much Does Concrete Cutting Cost 

Unlike most trade work, like carpentry and flooring, concrete cutting isn’t measured by the square metre. Saw cut concrete is actually measured by cubic metres, because you have to account for the depth of the concrete. 

Because there are so many different factors and dimensions that affect how much concrete cutting & saw work costs, the best way to get an accurate idea is with a quote from a professional

However, on average, a 50mm thick concrete wall cut with a hand saw will cost $15 per metre, and $70 per hour labour fee. This does not include call out fees and a minimum fee. This is pretty base work, and not very extensive. Bigger projects will cost more.


Can You Do Your Own Concrete Work?

If you’re doing anything that will affect the compliance of a commercial space, or are doing renovations that will cost more than $20,000 to your residential property, you are doing what is considered “building work”. When you are doing building work, you will need a registered builder by law. 

If your project doesn’t meet either of these criteria, then you might be able to do the concrete work yourself. When doing concrete work yourself, you have to be confident in your ability, and have the right tools. If you have these things, then it can be a great way to save money. 

But, if you don’t have the confidence or the tools for the job, do not try doing your own concrete work. Doing your own work unprepared can ruin your project, costing you a lot of money, as well as risking your safety. 

If you’re needing concrete work done and you don’t think you can do it yourself, make sure you get a reliable professional. 


Hiring A Professional

When it comes to concrete work, you will almost definitely want to hire a professional to maximise the health of your concrete. You want to make sure the concrete work on your project is safe, effective, and affordable.

Diamond Cut Concrete provides some of the best solutions for concrete in Perth. This is because Diamond Cut Concrete offers a 24 hour customer service line and can provide you with a quote within a day. We have completed close to 1,000 successful projects and have a 100% clean safety record. For concrete prices, concrete cutter quotes, as well as other questions like “what is concrete core cutting” contact us today!

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