Whether you want to replace your cracked driveway with a better one, remove an old concrete slab from your yard or worksite, or learn more about concrete wall removal, this article is here to help guide you through the process involved.

Common reasons to remove concrete

There are a few reasons for needing concrete removal. Deep cracks that can’t be repaired, demolishing an old slab, removing a concrete installation such as an interior wall, home improvements, replacing an uneven surface with new concrete or installing different driveway materials. 

Concrete cancer is another common, and serious, the reason for requiring concrete slab removal or concrete wall removal. Concrete cancer occurs when the steel reinforcing inside the concrete begins to rust. 

To know whether you have a concrete cancer issue check for cracking and flaking, rust stains from inside the concrete, concrete render bubbling or leaks from concrete ceilings. It is also recommended to hire a structural engineer.

How to remove concrete 

DIY concrete removal is very difficult and not usually recommended for safety reasons. However, if you have the experience, knowledge or patience, you can definitely give it a go yourself. 

Just like with any DIY job, you want to make sure you have the right tools to get the job done well bearing in mind legislation and safety measures. 

Here is a list of the tools you will need to purchase or hire:

  1. Angle grinder 
  2. Jackhammer, or sledgehammer and crowbar 
  3. Shovel 
  4. Broom and dustpan 
  5. Protective gear for your eyes, ears, hands, and feet 
  6. Skip 
  7. Wheelbarrow

Concrete removal process 

  1. Before you begin it’s important to perform safety checks. For example:
    1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE);
    2. Disconnect electricity, gas and water;
    3. Check for asbestos;
    4. Perform a structural test (ex. support beams);
    5. Establish protective barriers and signs;
    6. For more safety information check: WorkSafe WA;
  2. Using your Jackhammer, or sledgehammer and crowbar, begin to break the concrete into smaller pieces; 
  3. If your concrete is reinforced with steel you will need to use an angle grinder to cut through the metal reinforcements;
  4. Hire a skip to dispose of the concrete and steel off-cuts and send these off to a tip or recycling facility; 
  5. Dispose of the concrete correctly and sweep up any concrete dust from your yard or worksite. 

Professional services vs DIY 

It is possible to DIY concrete removal, however, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved. Damage to your home, yard or yourself in the form of preventable injuries is a high-risk factor when performing a concrete driveway removal or a wall removal from a living room by yourself. 

Alternatively, you can hire a Perth concrete removal business for an affordable price and know the job will be completed correctly, efficiently and, most importantly, safely. 

How to dispose of concrete 

The good news is concrete can be recycled to form new concrete or gravel for use in construction. Just contact local Perth recycling companies to check whether they will accept your concrete waste. 

Alternatively, if you find a tip that accepts concrete waste, you can use a skip bin to discard your concrete at your local Perth landfill. 

It’s important to note that you need to make sure you dispose of concrete safely and in the correct way. Use a wheelbarrow to transfer each chunk of concrete to your skip. 

Always be sure to sweep the area afterwards to dispose of concrete dust and be careful not to inhale. Inhaling too much concrete dust can lead to long term lung damage.

When and why do you need a concrete removal company?


Safety is really important when removing concrete, no matter what size. Removing a small amount of concrete slab or concrete internal wall yourself can be done safely with the right tools, but for larger amounts of concrete, you will be glad you hired concrete removal professionals to get the job done correctly. 

The right company will stay up to date with the latest dust control equipment and techniques to effectively minimise dust exposure, even conducting a safety evaluation before they begin. 


Check with your local Perth council about current laws regarding building permits and certifications. 


The right concrete removal company will have up-to-date insurances that will protect them, you and your property from damages if a mishap occurs on the job. 

How much does it cost to remove concrete? 

In Western Australia, especially in Perth when hiring concrete removal services you may expect to pay between $35 and $50 per square metre for a driveway removal

If you want to keep your costs low then we recommend recycling your concrete waste. This will save you some money instead of sending it to a landfill. 

We also recommend getting an itemised quote from a few different concrete companies to understand the average cost for your specific project.

The itemised quote should list the task of breaking up the concrete, the disposal of or recycling of your concrete waste and the cleanup of the job site.

Choosing a concrete removal company 

When choosing a Perth professional for concrete removal we recommend you choose a specialist with extensive experience and knowledge in concrete cutting to ensure the job is completed correctly. 

The right expert will ensure your property or yard is not damaged during concrete removal, and that all concrete waste is completely removed and disposed of safely when the job is complete. 

Diamond Cut Concrete are Perth specialists in concrete removal. With safety as our top priority, we ensure efficiency and precision every time. 

Contact Diamond Cut Concrete for a free quote for any type of concrete removal.

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