Whether your workspace is residential housing, commercial fit-outs, or noise-sensitive spaces such as hospitals or schools, you want to choose a drilling company that will use the most suitable techniques and tools to suit your project. 

With so many concrete drilling companies in Perth, finding the right one can become somewhat confusing. This article is here to help alleviate that overwhelm. Continue reading this article to learn how to choose the right concrete drilling company for your project. 

What is concrete drilling? 

Concrete drilling is the process of using specific tools to drill through concrete floors, walls or any paved surfaces or structures. 

What does a concrete drilling company do? 

Concrete drilling companies work with clients in the industrial, mining, commercial, residential or civil industries to solve a variety of needs. 

Whether it’s for in-home extensions, renovations, structure reinforcements, or data and cable installation, a drilling company will use different types of concrete drilling tools and methods to suit that project. 

These projects vary greatly and so does the type of method required. Some examples of different types of drilling are listed below. 

Types of concrete drilling 

Concrete core drilling 

Concrete core drilling is a technique that involves drilling cylindrical holes into concrete floors, walls or ceilings to accommodate new conduits, plumbing piping, HVAC ducting or reinforcements. 

This technique is perfect for noise-sensitive spaces such as hospitals, healthcare facilities or schools as it produces less noise and vibrations than hammer drilling.

Inverted drilling 

Inverted drilling is core drilling upside down through the underside of a concrete structure. This method is commonly used on ceilings, walls, bridges and tunnels because access from above is difficult. 

Wet core drilling

This technique is more commonly used over traditional drilling methods because of its ability to drive the drill bit faster through concrete structures. 

Because of its hollow centre, it helps to remove a core from a structure whilst leaving behind a perfect hole and clean surface. This technique also flushes out the cuts with water which minimises the amount of dust and fragments produced. 

Diamond core drilling 

This is a revolutionary method that enables more accurate and efficient core drilling without causing any damage or vibrations throughout the surrounding area. The main difference between conventional drilling equipment and diamond core technology is that the drill bit consists of a steel tube saturated in diamond beads on the drilling end. With improved accuracy, reduced mess, noise, vibrations and dust, diamond core drilling is far more superior to conventional drilling. 

Drilling process 

The process of drilling with a diamond drill is intense. The drill works seamlessly by allowing a solid cylinder of concrete to move up through the diamond drill bit to be removed from the hole. 

The diamond drill bit is slowly rotated with gentle pressure while it is lubricated with water, or specialised cooling liquids, to prevent overheating. 

Why do you need to choose a drilling company? 

Qualified Professionals 

It is possible to DIY concrete removal, but it is highly recommended that you hire a trained professional to complete the job for you. A professional will bring years of knowledge and experience, and of course, the right core drilling equipment, to complete the job safely.


Worksite safety is really important when removing concrete. A professional drilling company will ensure all its operators meet high-quality training standards and use safe equipment. They will also conduct a safety evaluation of the risk of the job before they begin. 


Hiring a trained professional can also save you a lot of money from having to hire or purchase heavy-duty drilling tools. 

There are many different types of drills a trained professional can use depending on the scope of the job. Companies who invest in the latest drilling tools, such as a diamond drill, will ensure the job is completed accurately, efficiently and professionally. 

How to choose the right concrete drilling company? 

  1. Understand the scope of the job

Is it a commercial or residential job? Simple or a little more complicated? Once you’ve figured out the scope of the job you can begin the next stage.

  1. Do your research 

Google allows you to find many different businesses within minutes. Whilst conducting research: compare different concrete drilling companies in your area and narrow down your list based on the points listed below. 

  1. Find Social Proof

Testimonials and reviews are very helpful when deciding which company to hire. Especially when there are many options to choose from, choosing companies with great reviews will help you know which company will do a good job. 

  1. Check the company’s portfolio 

A portfolio showcases the company’s previous and most recent work. A portfolio of work will let you know whether the company has much experience and if they do a great job. A portfolio will usually be listed on a company’s website under projects.

  1. Is the company a member of any Associations? 

Being a member of an Association ensures that the company is meeting high standards within their industry. For example, being a member of the Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia ensures all operators meet the training standards, keeping their workers and worksite safe. 

  1. Get the price before you decide 

Most companies will give you a quote before you hire their services. You can compare different quotes from a range of local companies, and from here you can make a decision. 

Keep in mind that you don’t always want to pick the cheaper quote, sometimes paying for quality and experience is worth it. 

We recommend choosing a concrete drilling company in Perth that invests in the latest concrete drilling tools and safety training. With 36 years in the concrete drilling industry, Diamond Cut Concrete can provide quick, precise and efficient concrete drilling services for any project. 

Contact Diamond Cut Concrete today for a cutting-edge solution suited to your project needs and budget in Western Australia.

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