Cutting-Edge Solutions For All Your Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling Needs in Perth, WA

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Exceptional Concrete Cutting, Core Drilling & Concrete Grinding Services in Perth

With over 25 years in the civil construction industry, Diamond Cut Concrete is able to provide quick, precise and efficient concrete cutting services for all your mechanical and structural needs at a competitive rate.

We understand timeliness, accuracy and quality is of the essence in the construction and demolition industry, this is why we offer a wide range of high-quality core cutting & drilling services for any project, large or small.

Operating the latest in Diamond Core Drill machinery and equipment, our qualified and experienced team work to the highest standards of safety to deliver rock-solid results that meets all your project needs.

We continually invest in the latest machinery and safety training, as well as undergo employee inductions for every job. With our active membership status with Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association of Australia, we guarantee nothing short of high-quality workmanship.

Whether you’re cutting through concrete slab to make mechanical changes to an established building, or require GPR concrete scanning to ensure the structural integrity of a building, contact Diamond Cut Concrete for a straight-cut finish.

Why work with us

Over 25 years experience

More than just a concrete cutter, we make sure every other aspect of the job, whether it is structural or mechanical, is completed to a high standard.
You can rely on us to get the whole job done on time and to a high standard.

Licensed and insured - CSDAA membership

With our active CSDAA membership, all of our staff are qualified and compliant with industry standards, tickets and are insured with standard public liability and workers compensation.

Competitive prices & FREE quotes

We offer competitive pricing on all concrete cutting services, core drilling & concrete grinding services in Perth.
We offer a free quote within 24 hours of receiving your message.

All work sites left clean and tidy

Using state of the art equipment, we ensure all of our work sites are left clean and tidy ready to go for the next stage of the construction process, this means there are no delays.

Safety is paramount

We value all of our clients, that’s why safety is at the heart of our work on every project, large or small. All operators attend a compulsory site induction before any work is started. 

Get in touch anytime

We understand how volatile the construction industry can be — things are always changing, getting delayed or falling through. With a direct contact number, you’ll be able to keep in touch with us 24/7.

Timeliness, quality and accountability

Using the latest in Diamond Core Drilling technology and GPR concrete scanning equipment, we are able to provide smarter, more precise core drilling & concrete cutting services to meet strict deadlines.

No job too small or too big

We have extra resources on hand ready-to-go and available for all your concrete cutting needs to ensure the exact specifications, shape and dimensions are met with every project.
We cut straight, we cut safe and we cut on time, that’s our guarantee.

Our Concrete Cutting Solutions

With over 25 years experience in the civil construction industry, Diamond Cut Concrete is able to deliver superior concrete cutting solutions for all your project needs.

Using advanced diamond core drilling technology, we employ specialised concrete cutting and grinding techniques to ensure absolute precision is achieved with every project, big or small.

Based on your specifications, our highly trained staff will recommend the best concrete cutting techniques and equipment required for the most cost-effective cutting suited to your timeline and budget.

As Perth’s most trusted and reliable concrete cutter, our extensive knowledge and experience in the construction industry gives you a significant advantage.

Our cutting-edge solutions help better prepare your projects by:

  • Reducing downtime, all work sites left clean & tidy ready for the next construction phase
  • Reducing noise, dust and debris — all cut concrete removed and disposed of
  • Provide significant cost advantages by using the right equipment and technique
  • Maintain structural integrity 
  • Improving accuracy, precision with every cut

Whether you’re repurposing a commercial space, amending structural design, or changing mechanical and electrical components of a structure, you can rest assured Diamond Cut Concrete will employ the best techniques with the right equipment to ensure the success of any project.

Wall Sawing

Diamond Cut Concrete wall sawing service is one of the most effective methods for cutting vertical concrete structures.

All of our track-mounted wall saws are equipped with specialised diamond core technology, this allows us to cut concrete up to 540mm with absolute precision. Our machinery is electric operated and remote controlled, making it safe and suitable for locations where petrol or diesel-powered equipment is a safety hazard.

Floor Sawing

We can identify the correct techniques and equipment needed for a fast, efficient and cost-effective concrete floor sawing solution.

Early entry concrete sawing or soff-cut is commonly used for cutting construction joints which minimise cracking of the slab and allows for movement caused by temperature changes. 

Diamond Cut Concrete floor sawing services has a wide range of equipment suited for most applications and projects including electric, diesel, petrol and hydraulic machines. 

With extra technicians on hand ready-to-go, we are available for all your concrete cutting needs and ensure the exact specifications, shape and dimensions are met on all your projects.

Hand Sawing and Ring Sawing

At Diamond Cut Concrete we use the latest in diamond blade technology which allows us to cut with absolute precision when creating or enlarging doorway & window openings, removing overcuts, and sawing concrete pipes.

Specialising in concrete cutting, hand sawing is commonly employed when there is limited space, especially in confined or indoor areas. With a range of electric and hydraulic powered hand saws available, we are able to provide concrete cutting services indoors when needed.

All work sites will be left clean and tidy, with the option of fitting a fume and dust extraction if necessary for indoor projects.

Wire Sawing

Diamond wire sawing is an effective concrete cutting method that is ideal for removing large heavily reinforced, thick sections of concrete. This can include bridge sections, car parks and other situations where other cutting methods are impractical. 

Also known as Rope Sawing, uses a diamond beaded wire which runs through a system of pulleys at high speeds and allows us to cut through concrete and steel. 

Precise cuts can be made quickly to large slabs and is suitable for making flush floors, walls and ceilings. It is also used for cutting large concrete masses at high speeds and avoids overcutting.

Core Drilling Services

Concrete core drilling large holes in wall

At Diamond Cut Concrete we use the latest in diamond core drilling technology to effectively create holes in concrete and brick to make openings for plumbing, conduits and HVAC installations. 

Unlike traditional methods, diamond core drilling leaves no mess, with all of our worksites left clean and tidy ready for the next construction phase, this means there’s no downtime. It’s also capable of cutting through reinforced steel with ease.

All of our work is completed by a team of experts who have extensive experience and training in the construction industry. If you’re unsure of what you need done, we are more than happy to recommend the correct tools, core drilling technique and measurement for the most cost-effective solution that’s suited to your project.

Core drilling is typically needed to make openings for plumbing, electrical, cable routing, refrigeration, water movement, and HVAC. This is particularly handy when repurposing a commercial space into a restaurant and need additional toilets or an industrial dish washing machine installed. 

For all projects that require core drilling done through any concrete slab, wall, or brick structure, Diamond Cut Concrete has the skills and specialised equipment to cut any diameter your project requires. 

Concrete Scanning - GPR Scanning

Concrete Scanning on site in Perth before proceeding to cutting.

GPR Concrete Scans are an essential in the civil construction industry which provides accurate critical information regarding services and structural steel within concrete structures. 

It is the most cost-effective and nondestructive scanning method that helps you learn more about what lies within your concrete allowing you to make smarter choices regarding your construction plans.

When you aren’t entirely sure of where cuts should be made or what you’ll find within the concrete, Diamond Cut Concrete GPR scanning services can help you move forwards with confidence on your project.

The benefits of getting a GPR Concrete Scan include:

  • Precisely locate services including cabling, HVAC, plumbing and electrical within concrete structures
  • Minimise the risk and dangers of accidentally cutting critical structural steel within the concrete
  • Improves the safety of your employees on-site, avoiding project delays and setbacks
  • Decreases the amount of time spent drilling and coring
  • Provides an accurate blueprint of the cover, spacing and size of rebar within concrete structures

Our Clients

Our services are available for residential work and commercial work all around Perth.

Residential Work

Common work we undertake with home owners: 

  • floor removal
  • floor covering removal
  • pathways crack removal
  • Swimming pool shape and size change

Commercial Work

Common jobs we undertake for commercial:

  • Floor removal
  • Floor covering removal
  • Creating holes for electrical, plumbing, HVAC, refrigeration, communications
  • Commercial fitouts — eg: transform an office into a restaurant 
  • Construction joints for car parks and bridges
  • Removing cracks on pathways
  • Cleaning up concrete abnormalities

Commercial Work


"Outstanding job" “… was fantastic today, worked safely, proficiently and in short did an outstanding job for us. Could you please pass this on to his supervisor etc. for acknowledgement of his efforts.”
Kim C.
WA Regional Distribution Centre Manager
"On time, professional" “… wanted to let you know how happy we are with the core drilling that was recently completed at our house by your operator. He was on time, professional & made a courtesy call to let me know everything was completed and locked up. Will definitely be recommending you to anyone that requires your service. Once again thank you so much.”
Robert R.