What is Advanced Concrete Sawing and Where Do You Use It?

What is Advanced Concrete Sawing and Where Do You Use It?

When it comes to advanced concrete sawing, knowing what different methods are available to you will significantly decrease your concrete sawing cost. This is because each of the sawing techniques were designed for a specific purpose. They were not created in a vacuum of randomness. Here are some of the most common sawing techniques and their applications!


What is Wet/Dry Concrete Sawing?

Wet and dry concrete sawing and drilling are methods of dust extraction and saw maintenance. Silica dust in the air made from concrete sawing is extremely harmful if you breathe it in because it struggles to leave your lungs once it is in, which causes long term health defects. Both wet and dry sawing have their uses and advantages: 


Wet Concrete Sawing

Wet concrete sawing, as the name suggests, is a method of advanced concrete sawing that needs either water or a lubricating fluid to be run over it while in use. 

The water not only hydrates the blade which can maintain it by acting as a coolant for deeper cuts, it also traps any dust made when cutting. The fluid being used can also act as a noise suppressor, which is perfect for sensitive areas like schools and hospitals. 

Unfortunately, wet concrete sawing can only be used in places with access to a water supply and has somewhere for the fluid to go. Indoor projects might not suit wet concrete sawing very well if the area is water sensitive.



Applications for wet sawing typically include larger projects that are outside and include:

  • Construction demolition and work
  • Mine site decommissioning 
  • Sawing large and reinforced structures 
  • There is a reliable water source close to the project
  • Noise sensitive areas like schools and hospitals.


Dry Concrete Sawing 

Dry concrete drilling and sawing uses vacuums and dust extractors instead of water to suck the dust away into a bag.

This type of sawing method is far more portable and can be used in more areas because it does not need a water source or need to worry about getting water around the project.

Dry sawing is unfortunately not as effective as wet concrete sawing when it comes to extracting dust. Additionally, dry sawing can not cut things of the same scale because it doesn’t have the cooling effect wet sawing has. The longevity of your expensive diamond concrete sawing blades will also be decreased when dry sawing. Dry sawing is also louder than wet sawing.



Dry sawing, because of its portability and not needing a place to receive/put water, is great for a number of applications including:

  • Places without a water source
  • Small jobs and cuts where it may be time consuming to set up wet sawing
  • Easy clean up sawing 


What is Wall Concrete Sawing?

Wall sawing uses tracks and is sometimes called track sawing. This method of sawing concrete is used to create openings in walls. 

Wall sawing is extremely precise, which means that there is little wastage in the material since all the cuts are clean.

Because wall sawing is mounted to a track, it means surfaces that aren’t flat are difficult to impossible for wall saws to cut precisely.



Concrete wall sawing, no doubt, has applications for when a concrete wall needs to be cut. Reasons a concrete wall may need to be cut include:

  • To create doorways 
  • To create windows 
  • To cut out ventilation ducts 
  •  In creating lift-shaft access points 
  • Providing solutions to concrete cutting with a small workspace; such as minesights 
  • Positioning of predetermined cuts


What is Concrete Floor Sawing?

Concrete floor sawing is designed for cutting into flat concrete surfaces, typically for pavement and road work. 



Concrete floor sawing is used on horizontal surfaces, the applications include:

  • Demolition projects
  • Control joints in flooring
  • Expansion joints
  • Trenching work
  • Concrete road works
  • Footpath solutions 


What is Chain and Ring Sawing?

Chain and ring sawing are a handheld method of sawing used for small to medium sized projects that may not require the same level of precision. These saws are just like other chain and ring saws that you’d use for carpentry, but are fitted with a heavy duty diamond blade to be able to cut through concrete. There are many different chain and ring saws depending on your project. 

Because these kinds of saws are designed to be used by hand, they are portable and perfect for residential projects



The applications of chain and ring saws are restricted to somewhat imprecise uses. These applications include:

  • Home renovations 
  • Pipe cuts
  • Small wall and floor cuts
  • Dismantling structures 
  • Construction work where quick, small cuts need to be made


What is Concrete Wire Sawing?

Wire sawing concrete is sometimes seen as a somewhat miracle solution because it can cut almost anything at any angle. It works by running a wire embedded with diamond over a surface at high speeds. This wire is run through a pulley system which is what pulls the wire. A bore hole is drilled through the concrete and the wire is threaded through it, and this is how it cuts.

Wire sawing is an extremely effective method to cut through most things. Almost nothing is too big for wire sawing. Wire saws are a somewhat automated system, and as such need only one, or very few operators. Wire sawing is also somewhat noise free, making it great for sensitive areas.

Unfortunately, wire sawing is expensive and the wires are prone to breaking, or are functionally worn out after about six uses. When they need to be replaced, it can be very time consuming. Additionally, if a wire saw breaks at tension and whips back, it can create a safety problem for whoever is nearby.



Wire sawing can be used for most applications. It’s scope is somewhat defined by where it is no longer cost-effective. The applications include: 

  • Demolition of projects like; bridges, dams, factories, jetties, columns and beams
  • Dismantling steel structures and equipment like minesights 
  • Angular cuts on vertical or horizontal structures
  • Precision cuts on sensitive areas, like at schools and hospitals
  • Sawing through heavy rebar and reinforced embedded steel
  • Circular openings
  • Subsea cutting of pipelines, conductors and other underwater structures


Who Can Provide You Concrete Sawing Solutions

Diamond Cut Concrete provides some of the best solutions for concrete sawing in Perth. This is because Diamond Cut Concrete offers a 24 hour customer service line and can provide you with a quote within a day. We have completed close to 1,000 successful projects and have a 100% clean safety record. For any concrete project solutions, contact us today!

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